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2015 FHLBNY Annual Report

The following is an annual report design for the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York. This is the first designed annual report to be produced since the early 2000's. As the lead designer for this project, establishing a core theme/message reaffirming the strength of the FHLBNY, full concept/art direction were my main responsibilities. The annual report was successfully designed, produced and launched.

Project involved:

Visual design, Branding, and Art direction.

Case Study Research

Starting this project, I began my research with an overview of historical annual reports from the FHLBNY as well as annuals from various industries taking inventory of messages and themes. After collecting initial data, my team and I conducted heuristic research and interviews with stakeholders to capture experiences and business that have occurred over 2015. Data and information collected wielded core messages of strength, stability and sustainability that exemplified the FHLBNY organization over 2015. This was translated into the visual direction of the 2015 FHLBNY Annual Report to members.

FHLBNY Annual Report

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