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7 Ways to Be & Stay Creative

As part of a graduate level course, this motion video project was created with the objective of leaving impressions among the creative types. Given a small deadline and a non-defined script on tips to "Be & Stay Creative," the project deliverable was simple — develop a dynamic, fun and engaging film that could easily be shared.

Project involved:

Visual design, Art direction, and Motion design.


Given the full responsibility of crafting the content as well as the design of this project, I developed three assumptions about the final product's audience: most creative types experienced a mental block in some way; they had methods in dealing with the block; and people tend to remember things a lot more when visually depicted in large format. To validate, a research plan was developed consisting of interviews and historical and scientific research. 

Research Takeaways:

  • Most of the methods used to overcome mental blocks were shared - particularly when compared to historical methods.

  • Interview subjects frequently experienced mental blocks.

  • Higher retention of a subject is likely if something is seen written in conjunction with being taught (i.e. teachers writing on classroom chalkboards).

Hi-fidelity Storyboard
7 Ways to Be & Stay Creative Motion Design Video
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