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A Day Without News

The following project was for a graduate level course created with the objective to raise public awareness of journalist killings in war zones. Each individual was tasked to propose a campaign with a parameter of ensuring the execution of the project be"guerilla." The project deliverables was to develop a strategy for an integrated marketing campaign and lead the art direction and design of campaign materials. 

Project involved:

Visual design, Branding, Art direction, Strategy and UX/UI design


Since the project had no defined audience, initial research was conducted to help understand the biggest issues around this subject. Statistical and historical data shaped basic assumptions leading to a targeted audience to base the campaign around - the communities of war zone areas. A more in-depth research plan was crafted with historical information and competitive analysis. Using the insight of the analysis, a guerilla style campaign was fashioned along with a brand identity system. Things like decals and newspaper inserts would be given to the communities to distribute and place and establish an overall connection with those trying to empower their voices.

Identity Development
Visual Brand Elements & Tagline
Journalist Field Patches and Decals
Integrated Marketing Campaign Materials
iPad Application
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