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An Honest Cup

The following project was created in preparation for the independent publishing of a book about searching for a good cup of New York coffee. The key business goal of the project was to promote the book with a very tight budget. The deliverables included a visual brand that could be threaded in the design of the book as well as promotional poster and video. Ultimately, the research drove the overall art direction of the project materials.

Project involved:

Visual design, Branding, Art direction, Photography, Film production and Motion design.


At the start of the project, initial research was conducted based on an assumption that most people don’t care about how their coffee is made. A research plan that consisted of historical research, interviews and consumer observations unveiled that the target audience for this book would be coffee drinkers who often purchased drinks from artisanal and craft coffee shops rather than chain cafes. The results of the research also defined the design elements applied to the visual brand.

Research Takeaways:

  • Consumers who frequented these types of coffee shops were always looking for the next good coffee shop to try.

  • Craft coffee shops had a particular ambiance and visual feel.

  • Interviewed consumers also indicated that they were highly interested in how to create a good cup of coffee. 

  • Historical NY coffee shops had the same visual parallels.

Book Design
Promotional Poster Design
Promotional Video Design
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