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House of Leaves

As part of a graduate level course, this fictional title sequence created for the novel "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski. Under a short deadline, the project objective of the title sequence is to give the viewer a sense of the upcoming film's tone and storyline. Space, depth and a decent into madness where the concepts and ideas applied in this title sequence.  

Project involved:

Visual design, Art direction, and Motion design.


Leading the visual design and art direction of this project, I developed two assumptions about the intended audience: people who were aware of the book and story were interested in how a visual translation of the book would appear and people unaware of the book and story needed an intriguing hook to view. To validate, a research plan was developed consisting of competitive research, thematic studies, and interviews was conducted. 

Research Takeaways:

  • The book's point on expanding space played a role in reader's association to the story.

  • Odd plays on space (e.g. slit scan photography) was effective.

  • Using sound as a means to convey depth was highly effective in garnering interest to watch the entire sequence during test viewings.

Storyboard Snippets
House of Leaves Title Sequence
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