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FHLBNY AHAC Annual Report

The following project was a refreshed design of the pre-existing annual report for the FHLBNY's Affordable Housing Advisory Council (AHAC). During this project, I supported the team's lead designer in the concept development, art direction and template production. Once launched, the well received (external and internal) design/template was used multiple times after.

Project involved:

Visual design, and Branding

Case Study Research

Following a business objective of refreshing the look and tone of the AHAC annual report as well as relaying the message for the intended audience,  a research plan was crafted focusing on competitive/historical research and stakeholder interviews. The insight gained from the research helped set the direction for concept development, where I assisted the lead designer on brainstorming and prototyping versions that would be presented and pitched to management and stakeholders. 

FHLBNY Affordable Housing Advisory Council Annual Report

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