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FHLBNY Prospect Campaign

As part of an outreach initiative for the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY), a campaign directed towards Credit Union organizations was developed. Part of the business objective was to educate and bring awareness of the benefits FHLBNY membership. Design deliverables included impactful printed materials and an online landing page with a strong focused message meant to facilitate dialogue. Other deliverables included methods to help track key performance indicators.

Project involved:

Art direction, Visual design, Branding, Strategy and Marketing

Case Study Research

My initial assumptions of Credit Union's and their organizational culture left me baffled . This led to crafting an in-depth research plan that would help me understand the intended audience. It was critical that the visual treatment and message not only depicted the FHLBNY brand, but relayed a relatable tone to campaign recipients meant to facilitate dialogue. Using research results along with conceptual sketches, a final visual direction was developed to capture this objective.

Teaser Postcard Design

Informational Sheet Design

Web Landing Page Design

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