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FHLBNY Rebrand

The following project was created for the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY), a company dedicated to advancing housing and community growth. To reaffirm the company’s mission and message in today’s modern market among customers, a visual rebrand was executed. The project deliverables included constructing a new visual schema that could be carried across all promotional and marketing materials.

Project involved:

Visual design, Branding, Art direction and
UI design


In the discovery phase, the team began with assumptions on modernism and current design trends - developed after dissecting the former brand’s visual treatment. To validate this, a research plan that consisted of items like competitive landscaping, historical research, and interviews brought insight into design decisions. In addition, testing methods and open dialogue were used to help refine the final product until launch.

Logo & Visual Branding Elements
Branding Guidebook
Rebranded Materials
Rebranded Website & E-mail Design
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