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FHLBNY Member Advantage

The following publication design project was a refreshed take on the pre-existing monthly publication called the "FHLBNY Advantage." The original monthly publication ran on a monthly production schedule that had strategic articles. Team members and myself were tasked in designing a format that helped further enhance the value of the publication. 

Project involved:

Visual design, Branding, UX design, and
Publication design

Case Study Research

After content and frequency was established, research was conducted to further understand the target audience of the publication. The analysis of the information showed that the receiving audiences read publications on the go, and the set persona noted bad experiences in fumbling around trying to read a large publication, like a newspaper. The design of the publication addressed this problem through the format (Z-shaped fold). This allowed the reader to continue reading the publication with one hand by easily wrapping and folding the next page.

FHLBNY Member Advantage

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