Flock is a mobile application solution that helps people who are planning a dinner or get together with friends or family by finding a restaurant or bar that not only matches their personal tastes, but their guests likes and dislikes as well. 

Project involved:

UX/UI Design, Product design and Strategy

Project Overview


Diners are looking to optimize their restaurant and bar searching process. A significant amount of stress and frustration is experienced when trying to coordinate a group based dinner or drinking event that will satisfy all attendees.

Business Value

Using Flock's drink/dining venue network and a user-based "taste" profile match, a simpler and more enjoyable planning process can be experienced in just a few taps on a mobile device. Providing this service also gives restaurants and bars a broader audience reach and potential revenue growth.

UX Direction

My assumptions directed the user research. The analyzed results led to the discovery of the product's targeted persona, their ultimate needs and pain points. The final product consisted of user validated designs that not only met their needs but the goals and objectives of the business.


- Competitive analysis

- Business analysis

- User Interviews

- Behavior analysis

- User scenarios & personas

- User testing & insight

- Product features prioritization matrix

- User journey & user flows

- Annotated wireframes

- High fidelity clickable inVision prototype

User Research

Research Analysis

User Validation

Product Prototype

Visual Design Treatment

Takeaways & Future Steps

Post-project lessons:

  • Adding A/B testing on early UI designs can help in reducing time in hi-fi development.

  • Onboarding screens is a valuable asset in reducing user frustration.

  • Use more robust case tests with background for users to get the most out of a user test.

Next Step Recommendation:

  • Desktop site version for non-mobile usage.

  • Expand network span to include venues for other large scale events (i.e. wedding).

  • Dating application collaboration with Flock.