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FHLBNY Insurance Company
Prospect Campaign

Part of an outreach initiative for the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY), a campaign directed towards Insurance Company organizations was crafted to educate and garner interest in membership at the FHLBNY. Design deliverables included impactful direct mail print materials and a landing page with a strong focused message meant to initiate dialogue. 

Project involved:

Creative/Art direction, Branding and Visual design

Case Study Research

At the start of the project, initial research was conducted to gain further insight into the defined audience. After analyzing the data, a core message of unlocking the power of membership was crafted. Unwrapping layers of the benefits of FHLBNY membership were applied to the direct mailer teaser card and brochure visual treatment for high-impact. An insurance company landing page was revamped to continue the dialogue for recipients interested.

Campaign Teaser Card
Campaign Mailer Booklet
Campaign Email
Campaign Landing Page
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