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Vogue: Evolution in Style 

The following is a practice case study for a Master's class at Pratt Institute. In this case study, each student was asked to art direct a campaign under the hypothetical idea that Vogue magazine was transitioning from print to digital medium. A business objective was set to bring awareness to current subscribers and readers as well garner interest and excitement.

Project involved:

Art direction, Branding and Visual design

Case Study Research

In crafting a campaign solution, I began taking a look at historical editions of Vogue magazines as well as like competitors to better understand the visual brand. In addition, I began looking at competitors who have added the digital platform to their publication set on how the brand and functionality was handled. To complement this, I began brief discussions with friends who currently subscribed to Vogue and what the brand meant to them. This information coupled with digital reader and subscriber statistics, I formalized a targeted audience/persona of career oriented city-based women that helped in the development of my strategy, art direction and approach. 

Vogue has and always will be the cultural barometer and driver for what is current and trending. Being a leader in the industry of fashion, transitioning into this new platform allows the brand to transcend to a new level of "chic," elegance and sophistication while serving the brand's audience even faster. To achieve the business objective, it was key to relay this idea as well as subtly convey the idea of a simple transition.

An ad implementation strategy of billboard signage, digital kiosks, publication and digital medium re-designs (e.g. web, social media, and mobile) was positioned with a visual direction of using digital textures and pixel bleeding that gives off an idea of movement and transition. All imagery and experiences would be tied to the simple campaign message of "Evolution in Style."

Campaign Message with Vogue Logo
Magazine Treatment
Bus & Subway Advertising Treatment
Lincoln Square Advertising Display
Social Media Treatment
Proposed Web Redesign & Promotion Treatment
iPad Application Treatment
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