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The following is part of an independent project proposal for a modern take on a desk organizer. The key business goal of the project was to design a modular product meant to serve a need. The secondary business goal of the project was to develop a brand identity and an advertising concept for the product. Project deliverables included a design proposal for a product and advertising concept, as well as a brand identity with materials.

Project involved:

Product design, Visual design, Branding, Art direction and Strategy


Given the project's broad parameters, general assumptions were made about people's everyday problems. After conducting small observation studies within outdoor and indoor environments, a more defined assumption regarding people's desktop organizational issues - office and student workers had a tough organizing all of their desktop supplies. Using a research plan that had historical information, competitive analysis, interviews and user observation, a clear direction was given for the product design and visual treatment. The product would be a spinning desktop organizer that consisted of modular connective pods. The identity and brand were designed to mirror the target audience's overall reaction to the concept.

Research Takeaways:

  • Most desktop organizers are composed poorly

  • Good desktop organizer price points were high

  • People who used desktop organizers had tough times placing all of their desk items into one system

Design Brief and Product Schematic & Design
Identity Design
Stationery & Product Packaging
Poster Campaign
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